Brand & Product Photography

Kind Words from the Creators.

"A few words to express my thanks to Susie for helping me move my business forward during a very challenging year.

I had a strong vision of how I wanted my customer to experience my products while viewing them online. Susie photographed each item with such professionalism, care and attention to detail, so the overall look was cohesive and exactly the way I envisioned it to be.

It helped my relatively new business to grow and to give it the professional look it deserves. Due to improved visual appearance I broadened my market, online presence and noticed a definite increase in sales. Susie was extremely easy to work with, she understood my product, was encouraging and honest. A stressful task that ended up being an extremely enjoyable and positive experience. If you are thinking of improving your product images or business profile, go for it and I would highly recommend you to get in contact with Susie. I am looking forward to working on future product lines for my business with Susie’’.

Lennie Wall - Wallflower Florist


"Susie is a very creative photographer, it was a pleasure to work with her on a number of occasions, taking product photos for jewellery branding. Attention to detail, professionalism and great eye for composition. I look forward to working together again in the future".

Lina Varna - Jewellery Designer


What image do you want to portray?

Quality Images sell quality creations.

When we enter a shop or studio, we can pick up an item and feel its texture, we can see the fine detail up close. We can possibly smell it, taste it, hear it – we can use all of our 5 senses to decide if it is what we want. Online shopping removes a lot of this. Therefore, it is so important to appeal to your client visually through high quality professional images. Helping to translate the desired mood and feeling, so that your customer can see your business or product in its best light.

Get in touch if you think my photography style is a good fit for your brand.