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Photography at its very core means, drawing with Light.  

We, as a society look at carefully curated magazines, newspapers and books every day. Our eyes and minds are forever filled with visuals. Photographs, graphics, and illustrations. It bodes the question, what is reality and what is fiction. What are we subtly manipulated to see? When I look through the lens of my camera, it too is from my own world perspective; I bring my own influences and inspirations from all that I have been exposed to. More than anything nature is that spark of inspiration for me, it’s simplicity, tones and textures, wild beauty and ever-changing seasons of light. It doesn’t deceive, it doesn’t try to be anything, it just is! It somehow feels like a painter's canvas, awash with possibility.  

I endeavour to photograph your wedding day with nature’s lens attached, telling your story with honesty and allowing it to flow naturally. Quietly watching for moments of magic unfolding between you and your loved ones. It is a thing of beauty to see, each moment unique and so fleeting, it cannot be replicated 

Enjoy the fun, be yourself, laugh when you want to laugh, cry (happy tears) when you want to cry. Don’t hold back, immerse yourself into every part of it. This one day will be the day you remember for the rest of your lives. Try not to fret the small things, focus on the bigger picture and the love surrounding you. 

I will be with you every step of the way, in a very unobtrusive, relaxed manner. Offering you support and guidance when you might need it. I would like you to view me as one of your friends on the day, someone you can trust and be at ease around. The most valuable piece of advice I can offer, is to trust, embrace and enjoy the process. It will shine through in your photographs. We are a team, we create together.